Rewards Program

Many businesses spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month trying to bring in new customers, but spend ALMOST NOTHING to retain their valuable existing customers! WoWzer! Rewards ensures you keep your current customers coming back again and again, while also bringing in NEW CUSTOMERS each and every day...for less than a penny per month per customer!!*

  • Encourage and reward customers for frequent visits!
  • Build customer loyalty and branding!
  • Customers get reward points on EVERY VISIT!
  • Your business listed on the National WoWzer! Rewards GPS network!
  • Instantly generate new customers and increased revenue!
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors!
  • Optional counter-top Kiosk w/tablet brings WoW! factor to your business!
  • Complete database of your Rewards customers with their names, phone numbers, emails and more!
  • Complete reports and analytics of your Rewards program and customer base!
  • Experience an immediate increase in your daily, weekly, monthly revenue!


Instant (Hot ) Deals!

WoWzer! notifies potential customers when your business has an Instant Deal! or special offer that they can get RIGHT NOW! Whether from searching the app, simply driving by, or walking through your business' door....potential customers are notified by WoWzer! alerting them of your current deals and offers! Instant Deals! brings Instant Customers into your business so you can show them just how amazing you really are!

  • Instant Deals! = Instant Customers!
  • Instantly promote special offers on your products, meals, items or services!
  • Change the Deals as often as you like!
  • Stop and Start Instant Deals! anytime!
  • Instantly increase your daily, weekly, monthly sales!
  • Build customer loyalty and business branding!

Cashback (ZerBuck$)

Offering customers a small Cashback percentage will keep them coming back again and again! ZerBuck$ are used to discount future purchases so you never have to actually hand free cash to a customer! Customers make repeat visits to earn redeemable ZerBuck$ up to a maximum amount you determine....on the products, meals, services or items you choose!

  • Cashback keeps 'em coming back!
  • You choose the Cashback percentage!
  • You choose the discounted products, meals, items or services!
  • Start or stop promotions at any time!
  • Instant Cashback reports at your fingertips!
  • Stand out from your competition!


Everyone loves contests and as a WoWzer! Rewards location you become a daily destination point! Speaking of points, WoWzer! members get a contest point for every unique WoWzer! location they visit. This drives new customers into YOUR business as they stop to make a purchase and earn contest points! You get new customers - they get closer to winning a prize! WoWzer! provides all the prizes so all you do is sit back and watch your business revenue grow! Bring the WoW! back into your business!

  • Each contest helps bring in new customers!
  • Encourages customers repeat visits and purchases!
  • Builds your brand, name and customer loyalty!
  • Become a local and national destination point!
  • Increases daily, weekly, monthly revenue!
  • No cost to you!

Choose Your Preferred Rewards Loyalty Plan

Each WoWzer! Rewards plan offers an incredibly affordable way to INSTANTLY begin bringing in new customers AND retain the amazing customers you already have!


WoWzer! Rewards

WoWzer! Instant Deals

WoWzer! Cashback

WoWzer! Contest

WoWzer! Rewards GPS Network
100 Monthly SMS Text Messages
100 Monthly Email Messages
Complete Analytics & Reports
Unlimited FREE Support

Plan Details

* One-time setup and training fee of $99. Optional Kiosk with Tablet available for purchase. Please contact us for details.


All Features in
Starter Plan Plus:

Unlimited QR Codes
Business Logo on QR Codes
250 Monthly SMS Text Messages
250 Monthly Email Messages
Featured in Search Listings
Option to Purchase Additional
text and email Messages

Plan Details

* One-time setup and training fee of $99. Optional Kiosk with Tablet available for purchase. Please contact us for details.


All Features in Starter
and Grow Plans Plus

FREE Countertop / Wall Mount Kiosk Display
FREE Kiosk Tablet with Customized Branding
500 Monthly SMS Text Messages
500 Monthly Email Messages
Top of Search Listings (Priority)
WoWzer! Gear / Promotional Items

Plan Details

* One-time setup and training fee of $99. Please contact us for details.

What Some Of Our Members Are Saying...


So far I've received a free manicure, two free movie tickets, several free meals and a free oil change! And I haven't changed one thing as far as what I normally purchase. WoW is right!
Janet F. | San Diego, CA


The WoWzer! Cashback feature is awesome! I go to the same breakfast joint every morning and earn enough ZerBucks the prior week to get a free breakfast every Monday!
Stan B. | Wichita, KS


I love the monthly contests! I have won two $100 Gift Cards from Amazon and have discovered so many fun new places to shop!!
Jasmine D. | Johns Creek, GA


The Instant Deals are my fave! As soon as I get in my car I turn on notifications and WoWzer! tells me where all today's specials are near me! I'll take half off virtually EVERYTHING any day!
Jeremy S. | Bellevue, WA


Whenever I need a place to grub, I just go to my WoWzer! app and BAM...I get hundreds of choices. The best part is they all give me Rewards points so I eat free about 3 times a week. That's lit!
Caden C. | Terre Haute, IN

Still not convinced that WoWzer! Rewards is the right choice to grow your business?

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