Our Pro Plan gives you a complete Rewards loyalty program that can grow your business.
WoWzer! Rewards Pro Plan offers:

Rewards. Customers go to your WoWzer! Rewards mobile app to get rewarded for frequent visits to your business. You determine the Rewards and how many visits (or points) are required to earn each Reward. With WoWzer! you will now know your customers names, phone numbers, emails, gender and birthdates. This allows you to extend offers, specials, announcements, thank yous and much more to your valued customers within seconds, right to their phones and/or emails. WoWzer! keeps them coming back!!

Instant Deals! This option gives Customers Instant Deals just for walking in the door. Deals can change every day or run for weeks at a time. You decide which Deals to offer and for how long. This entices new and current customers alike to visit your business in anticipation of “what special Deal will I get today!” They just walk up to your kiosk, login, and today’s Deals appear. You can also text or email out Instant Deals to get customers excited to come back and visit your business before certain Deals expire!

Cashback. This option lets you offer cashback incentives to encourage customers to spend more money! You determine the cashback rate and your customers receive future “ZerBucks” or discounts off of future purchases.

Contests. WoWzer! Rewards merchants are automatically included in our state and national Contests. This is at no additional cost to you as a business owner but it drives new customers to your location so they can earn more contest points. Being a WoWzer! merchant puts you on the map as a local destination point!

GPS Network. As a WoWzer! Rewards merchant your business is added to the National WoWzer! Rewards GPS Network. This gives your business maximum exposure for anyone searching to find your type of business, your selected keywords or those just looking for local Rewards and Instant Deals!

Text Messages. The Pro Plan gives you 500 FREE SMS Text Messages you can send out each month to selected customers. With WoWzer! you can text customers offers, specials, announcements, thank yous and much more within seconds right to their smart phones!

Emails. The Pro Plan gives you 500 FREE Bulk Emails you can send out each month to selected customers. With WoWzer! you can email customers offers, specials, announcements, thank yous and much more within seconds right to their phone, laptop or tablet!

Analytics and Reports. WoWzer! gives your business an array of tools and indicators that give you an instant temperature of your businesses' profitability climate.

  • a. What marketing is bringing customers in the door?
  • b. What are your customers favorite items?
  • c. What times are most busy?
  • d. What are your slow times?
  • e. Which Rewards and Instant Deals! are most popular?
  • f. How many new customers came in vs. regular patrons?

There are hundreds of analytics, reports, graphs and informational intelligence that helps you promote and monitor your business’ growth.

Customer Support. WoWzer! Rewards customer support is available via phone, text, chat, email and video tutorial. Our mission is to help you grow your business and we are proud to partner with you to attain whatever business goals you may have!

Unlimited QR CODES. WoWzer! gives Pro Plan merchants a personal QR Code generator that affords you the ability to use QR Codes for a multitude of purposes! Customers just scan your QR Codes with their WoWzer! Rewards app and get directed to all kinds of cool places! You can now print unlimited QR Codes that can….

  • a.

    Take customers to a site that rewards them for completing a few easy Customer Satisfaction questions. Ask them how was their experience? Was your business clean and to their standards? What was their favorite item or service? You ask the questions that help you get an idea of how customers truly feel about your business so you can improve areas of concern or relish in the glory of great reviews! Customers get rewards… you get honest feed back. You ask the questions and only you see the survey responses so all answers and comments are confidential!

  • b.

    Give customers information on menu items, products or services. Customers scan a restaurant’s QR Code and get nutritional information on each entrée. Consumers get directed to a website that provides details on how to use a product you sell. Your QR Code can take them to a webpage that explains why your services are the best in town. QR Codes only limitation is your imagination!

  • c.

    Direct customers to a YouTube® video that shows the history of your business… how you got started, how you have grown, where you are headed! Another video can feature your business’s awesome services and/or products. Another video could be a commercial or even a music video promoting your business. Everyone loves YouTube® videos and your customers will enjoy learning more about you and your amazing business!

  • d.

    Take customers right to your Facebook®, Instagram®, Twitter® or LinkedIn® accounts. A quick scan of a QR Code using the WoWzer! Rewards mobile app takes consumers wherever you like!

  • e.

    Print a QR Code onto a business card and take customers or prospective customers to your business website. QR Codes can be scanned in an instant and will drive traffic to your online marketing and promotional sites.

  • f.

    Provide your WiFi information and an instant connection for customers to your public WiFi. With a quick scan of your QR Code customers are hooked up to your public WiFi and directed to your webpage!

Business Logo on QR Code. As a Pro Plan merchant, you can choose to add your business logo to the center of each printed, online or multi-media QR Code! Or, you can just use our renowned WoWzer! monkey “Zer”…you choose!

Featured in Search Listings - Plus, Priority Positioning. As a Pro Plan merchant, WoWzer! will highlight your name in every relevant search listing. When consumers search for your business or business type (ie. Restaurant, Nail Salon, Dentist, Auto Services, etc.) your business name will be highlighted and prominently displayed with two Gold Stars . This means more exposure, more visitors, more customers, more revenue! As an additional benefit, Pro Plan members also get pushed right to the top of the search results. This means your business is highlighted AND featured before all other non-Pro merchants giving you a big advantage over your competition!

Option to Purchase Additional SMS Text Messages and Bulk Emails. Want to send out weekly texts or emails to your customers? If you ever need more than the 500 monthly SMS texts and emails included in your Pro Plan, you can buy more texts or emails at just .01 each!

FREE Kiosk Display*. As a Pro Plan merchant, WoWzer! Rewards gives you a free stand-up Kiosk Display. This colorful display draws BIG ATTENTION to your Rewards Program. When customers sign up and login to your WoWzer! Rewards program on your kiosk display tablet… they can get rewarded instantly with the Deals you want to offer! They get Rewards and Instant Deals and YOU gain valuable information on who your customers are! It’s a win-win and it all starts at your WoWzer! kiosk display.

FREE Kiosk Tablet*. As a Pro Plan merchant WoWzer! Rewards gives you a free customized 10” WoWzer! tablet for your Kiosk Display. This tablet will display your business name and logo and will feature all of your personalized Rewards, Instant Deals!, Cashback Program, Contests…. you choose which loyalty programs you want to offer. Customers love to check in at your kiosk to get rewarded for every visit… you love knowing who your customers are!

*Pro Plan merchants are required to put down a $248 security deposit for the Kiosk Display and Tablet at time of delivery. Security deposit is refunded in its entirety after 12th month of service. Tablet is pre-loaded with the WoWzer! Rewards software. Just add your Loyalty program offers and you are ready to go! Too busy? Our staff will set up your intial Rewards and Instant Deals for you... FREE of charge! Call, chat or email for additional information.

WoWzer! Gear and Promotional Items. As a Pro Plan merchant, WoWzer! comes with a WoWzer! Rewards t-shirt, door/storefront window decal, WoWzer! mug and even ten WoWzer! Rewards buttons for your employees to wear to promote your business’s exciting new Rewards program! The more customers that join your WoWzer! Rewards program.... the greater opportunity for you to market to and retain those valuable customers!

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